Starstruck at Khu Khu HQ

Starstruck at Khu Khu HQ

Girl crushing big time this week as artists Nicole Scherzinger and Cristina Manjón have been spotted with Khu Khu fans. The pair of them are both queens of stage and attitude, so we are just honoured to help maintain their ever-cool.

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**Selfridges Exclusive. Available online now **

**Selfridges Exclusive. Available online now **

Khu Khu are very excited to announce their Selfridges exclusive festival fans are available online now and will be in store next week!

These limited edition I'M A FAN and LET'S DANCE statement fans make for the perfect dance-floor companions at all the festivals going on this Summer. You might have missed Glastonbury but there's a whole season of fun to come including Love Box.... Wilderness, Isle of Wight, V, Standon Calling... the list goes ON. And if you can't make a festival, we figure you'll probably hit a dance floor...

Wimbledon Competition - Win a Limited-Edition Print Fan RRP £40

For a chance to win a limited edition Wimbledon Khu Khu fan worth £40, simply click on the giveaway button below! No email sign ups, no hassle, just a trip to the Khu Khu Facebook page and you're automatically in with a chance to WIN. Game Set Match! Will you be the winner?? 

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"Tradition x Modernity : The makings of a Khu Khu fan in 7 Steps"

"Tradition x Modernity : The makings of a Khu Khu fan in 7 Steps"

Making a fan in the traditional way is a fascinating, long and complex process. In order to shed some light on this wonderful artistry take a look at the following 7 steps for a better understanding of how it works. 

Step One - Wood heated in an oven in a block. 

All fans start out as a humble block of wood. Khu Khu fans use a beautiful MONGAL wood which has a lovely, rich, deep brown colour with a pretty grain. 

Mongol Wood Warmed in the Oven to prepare for slicing.


Currently stocked in SELFRIDGES. Splendid!

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Khu Khu are proud to announce that they are now on sale in Selfridges. Great news!  We are honoured to sit amongst some other luscious products in the brilliant beach and summer pop up on the lower group floor of contemporary accessories. Go and get yours first and be Selfridges Summer Ready, which is clearly the only ready to be! 


Summer time commences.