Product information

Khu Khu are proud to bring you a variety of fans so we can provide something for a multitude of events and occasions. All fans are 100% hand-made in Spain. 

Premium Collections - Wood

The Sticks  - Our premium collections in wood are exceptional because the design of the fan itself is new and offers you a more modern and streamlined accessory. Each and every piece of the fan has been hand-carved from what begins as a block of Mongoy wood.

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**To see images and videos of the entire process from wood block to finished fan, please see our blog entry Tradition x Modernity : The makings of a Khu Khu fan.

The Fabric

The fabric has been designed exclusively for the collections using various different disciplines (photography, painting, illustration, digital design) and is then either digitally or screen printed onto high grade cotton.

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The Rivets

("the eye" which keeps all the sticks together) 

For our limited edition premium wood ranges, we have designed our own bespoke rivets. These have been designed using modern 3D technologies and then cast, gold or silver plated and polished. 

Premium Collection - Acrylic

The Sticks  - Our premium collections in acrylic are also made in our own exclusive streamlined design offering you a more contemporary accessory. Each and every piece of the fan is laser-cut from Swiss-imported acrylic which offers a delicious, glossy finish which pop with fantastic, vibrant colour! 

The Acrylic Rivets

Khu Khu have designed a machine to make our own bespoke rivets in a range of lovely vibrant colours. The machine melts sticks of custom-made and dyed tube, so that the head takes on a pretty half sphere shape and keeps the sticks together in a bright and beautiful way.

Premium Collection Finishes

Both our metal and acrylic fans have the logo engraved into end of both sticks, which is then hand-filled with a colour or metallic paint. We also paint the edge of the fan fabric to add an additional element of excellence which also adds longevity to the fan.  

Each fan is hand-made with LOVE and these are truly exclusive, collector's items!

Khu Originals

Our KHU ORIGINALS offer you the same excellence in print design as our premium collections and we use high grade cotton with most of our fans, and cotton blend fabrics which work best with the Statement fans to achieve jet black backgrounds. 

The KHU ORIGINALS use traditional, standard shaped sticks (stamped to an AEA standard from the association of artisan fan-makers in Spain) which are made and mounted in SPAIN. We do not import any woods.

These ranges focus on bringing you the latest in the world of PRINT and PRINT DESIGN. The fans feature unique Khu Khu detailing such as painted rivets and fabric rims on certain lines, bespoke hanging pendants, and our logo is painted to the end sticks on all our fans. 

Wear and Care

So now you have your super special fan, how should you clean it?

The best way to clean the acrylic sticks is to gently wipe them with a damp cloth or wet wipe before polishing them off with a soft cloth, preferably cotton, such as a tea-towel to bring them back to their original glory. It is best to handle the fan using the end sticks so as to avoid unnecessary cleaning of the inner varillas (sticks).

All wooden fans need very little maintenance but the end sticks can be wiped with a very slightly damp cloth.

Store your fans away from direct or indirect sunlight to avoid fading the luminosity of the fabric prints.