Founder, Victoria Speyer 

While living in beautiful, sunny Andalucia a few years ago, I didn’t buy a single hand-fan. Not because I didn’t need one (Seville is super hot) and not because I didn’t think they are a great accessory (useful, handy, sexy and innately pretty) but because, as a modern, stylish young woman, I felt the choice available to me was really old-fashioned. And none of the fans I saw would, in any way, complement my look. In Spain they still work with intricate carved woods, hand –painted flowers and many of the designs haven’t changed since the 50’s; or even earlier!

Unsurprisingly therefore, they didn’t fit with my style or that of my friends or colleagues. My dream was to re-design a hand-fan for today’s woman, changing the shape of the sticks to make them cleaner, simpler; updating the materials by introducing the best imported acrylics, updating the rivet system to provide unique colours and individuality, and using prints that would be popular in the UK and overseas by commissioning and collaborating with contemporary artists and designers. 

It was like walking through a new exciting doorway imagining the endless list of prints that would fit with modern, colourful sticks, so I set out to create what was missing. It was a wonderful way to combine my experience and passion for arts and fashion, with my entrepreneurial spirit.

 Fan-making isn’t something you’ll find on many art curriculums in the UK, so the development process meant travelling to Valencia and learning from the best - the family companies who have been working with fans for generations and gently persuading them to try new things...


After three years of development, Khu Khu is no longer the journey of just its founder – we are a London and Spanish based team made up of first class art-workers, 3D technicians, mould makers and fabric printers who keep Khu Khu apace with all the latest technological advancements. We applaud each of these independent industries and feel proud to be combining traditional techniques with cutting edge technologies so that each fan is a truly contemporary piece but which remains beautifully hand – finished in Spain.