While I think we can all agree 2020 may not have been the best, it wasn't all bad friends. In fact, looking back, a series highlights and accomplishments worth getting excited about spring to mind. Here's a handy Khu Khu roundup to fill you in on the key moments of last year. 

New Arrivals

In January we had a photoshoot with the fabulous Wolf and Badger Studios, London for the SS20 contemporary collection, Wild is the Wind.  The W&B team and photographer Emerson Utracik were completely in tune with the mood and feel of the collection, capturing each of the fans in a stunning way.





Make it, Shake it.

In February and March we then went into production, upped our knowledge of Swarovski crystals, rhinestones and embellishing, forged new relationships with artisan leather worker Jose A. Timoneda and it was a pleasure to work again with tattoo artist and illustrator Cristopher Mendez who brought the design and brief to life. 


Masks to Match!

Come April, masks were becoming a thing. It was a joy to up-cycle some butterfly fabric that didn´t make it into a previous project and put it to good use. I´m one to believe masks have many inherent benefits (as well as protecting you from the big C); acne concealer, bad odour protector, coldsore disguiser etc. But a mask that matches one of your other accessories really is upping your game, so it was a pleasure to give away a free mask to all shoppers of the BLUE LYCA and RED PAPILLON butterfly fans. Were you a lucky recipient? We´d love to see a pic if you were. What other accessories would you like to see with Khu Khu design prints? Scarves, bags, hair accessories, jewellery... Which gets your vote?

Travel Unravelled. 

Upsets sadly meant less holidaying in general but we were so happy to have on board the fan van, model/influencers Cat Roberts showing us how to fan in Monaco,

Cat Roberts, London based model on holiday with her Rodeo Riders Hand-fan Amanda @glitziegal model and influencer on holiday with the Khu Khu Love Lynx Hand-fan

Amanda a.k.a Amsterdam based @Glitziegal on her Ibitha vacay, the stunning @Greivy at home and away with her DESERT SPARKLER fan.. and International Cos Player Ani Mia @animiaofficial showing how it's done with the BLOW ME hand-fan.

Greivy model and influencer holding Love Lynx Hand-fan Ani Mia International Cos player aka @animiaofficial holding Khu Khu Blow Me Hand-fan wearing swinsuit

We'd like to thank ALL of you who sent pics of yourselves throughout the Summer. Travel and taking breaks is so important and it will be back on the regular soon, keep the faith.

Rocking Stockists

A big shout out to all the new stockists of 2020!  It´s so lovely to offer customers a local place to go if they want to touch and feel the fans or try a particular one with an outfit before buying.. So it was good news for U.S residents with several new boutiques and shops to choose including JULIA MOSS DESIGNSBELLISSIMOLORI KARBALBLONDE BOUTIQUELOTUS BOUTIQUE as well as a sprinkling across Canada NODA DESIGNS, Greece, EVOCATIVE THREAD, Malta ECLECTICIST, Holland ENABLE THE LABEL and the U.K, COLLEN AND CLARE and CHLOE JAMES LIFESTYLE and others...Khu Khu are always on the look out for new shops so we can fan out across the world! If you know of the perfect boutique in your neighbourhood, let us know and help us to help your friends. 

Mission Commission!

Khu Khu were honoured to work on a selection of commissions from a mixture of important private and public clients including ERDEM and the WORSHIPFUL COMPANY OF FAN-MAKERS ) (full blog entry on this project coming soon). We were proud to help clients achieve their visions from special birthday gifts, to interior projects or to raise money for charity. 

Colour palette for the Worshipful Company of Fan-Makers Hand-fan commission with Khu Khu Fine Fans Sample fabric of 4 colour screen-print by Stewart Parvin for a hand-fan commission from Worshipful Company of Fan-makers with Khu Khu Fine Fans.

Lacquered black gloss 27cm sticks for the Worshipful Company of Fan-makers commission for Khu Khu Fine Fans with Stewart Parvin design for the fan leaf Finished front side of the Stewart Parvin design hand-fan made by Khu Khu Fine Fans for the Worshipful Company of Fan-Makers commission

Groovy Moves

2020 saw the move of Khu Khu from home to office, with a new HQ in the heart of Valencia´s bustling creative area, Rusafa. With designated work spaces for riveting, embellishments and design as well as a wrap and packing station, stock room, office area and street access we are super excited to grow and welcome more people onto the team. If you think you have something to offer Khu Khu please reach out to us at, and we'll be sharing more on internships and job possibilities soon. 

Reach for the Sun, 2021

2021 will see the results of a super exciting collaboration with mega talented, Miami-based artist Francisca Oynaharte. We cannot wait to bring you more on this soon, but while you wait for the big reveal, think all the wonders of Ancient Egypt with a super colourful, modern twist and you're headed in the right direction. 





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