Indian Tiger Hand-fan
Indian Tiger Hand-fan


Indian Tiger Hand-fan

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Recreating the mood and feel of the Indian Jungle, the tiger strolls through the lush vegetation, cutting through the sweltering heat with a flick of his tail. 

This is our second limited-edition run of just 50 fans. Available from 12. 07. 24. 

Each fabric has been screen-printed by hand, and mounted with polished mongoy luxury wood. Each fan is 100% made in Spain using traditional artisanal techniques. 

Available exclusively here at and nowhere else. 

Product Details: 
  • Original British design. 
  • 100% Hand-Made in Spain. 
  • Polished mongoy wood
  • Embossed black logo.
  • Measures 23cm closed and 46cm open. 

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All fans come beautifully packaged with bespoke bag and care label.


Indian Tiger Hand-fan