Rainbow Ra Hand-fan
Rainbow Ra Hand-fan


Rainbow Ra Hand-fan

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Introducing the Rainbow Ra hand-fan from the new and exclusive Breath of Life collection, a collaboration with multidisciplinary artist Francisca Oyhanarte.

This bright and brilliant print offers a modern interpretation on the Ancient Egyptian theme, and reflects Francisca’s passion for symbolism and mythology.

The hieroglyphs depicted (detailed below), together with Francisca’s use of vivid colour and impactful composition awaken our chakras and offer protection and a long and healthy life to all those to experience its magical breeze. 

Product Details:
  • Original Francisca Oyhanarte design
  • 100% Hand-made in Spain
  • AEA stamped, painted black and white sipo wood sticks.
  • Premium microfibre fabric for vibrant colours.
  • Hanging blue moon acrylic pendant.
  • Embossed black logo.
  • Measures 23cm closed and 46cm open.

All fans come with cotton bag, care label and signed and numbered limited edition postcard. 1 of 50. 

The Eye of Ra/Wadjet 'All Seeing Eye'

This powerful symbol was believed to have healing and protective powers, and it was used as a protective amulet. The right eye represented the sun and the left (EYE OF HORUS) represented the moon. Egyptians also used them to protect buildings and themselves.


In the afterlife of ancient Egyptian culture, the feather had a purpose of measuring weight. Once the souls of the newly dead entered the underworld, Ma’at, the Egyptian goddess of justice, would weigh their hearts against the weight of a feather determining the worthiness of the soul.

The feather was also thought to be symbolic of the sky gods and to signify truth, speed, and lightness/airiness.


Bennu was the name given to the bird that represented Ra’s soul. This bird was seated at the Tree of Life and was associated with the Sun, creation, and rebirth. 

Rainbow Ra Hand-fan
Rainbow Ra Hand-fan
Rainbow Ra Hand-fan