Green Flag for Formula One

Green Flag for Formula One

This year is the 70th season of the F1 World Championship.

The races are exciting for many reasons, technology and teamwork both playing a big part. The outcomes of a circuit are unpredictable; factors like weather, a bad pit stop or crashes can send everything off course. It’s a highly competitive sport full of rivalries and controversies, but also plenty of Khu Khu appropriate glamour.

Then And Now

Commonly known for being dangerous, this sport has had many changes over the years, not only aesthetically but in regards to safety. It’s hard to think that back in the first years it wasn’t mandatory to wear a seatbelt or helmet! Taking part  was not only about winning but also survival.

The technological advancement of Formula One is another reason why this sport is so unique, just look at how the steering wheel has changed over the years! What used to be just a piece of wood and aluminium is now an object with more than 20 buttons and a display screen with essential information for the driver, making it easier to control cars that are also 7 times lighter than 50 years ago.

Formula One steering wheel the original leather style compared to the digital box of 2019

The championship has also changed in scale since the 50’s. The first GP ever, held drivers from eight countries, whereas this year over fifteen different nationalities are being represented in the competition and 21 different countries host the Grand Prix. 

Map of Grand Prix, Formula One host nations and circuits


Finally, one has to mention the dramatic increase in kilometre per hour that the cars now achieve. W. Williams, the first person ever to win the Monte Carlo GP, was driving a Bugatti with a medium speed of 80km/h. Now with the cars reaching over 300 km/h, it’s no surprise that tracks like Monaco, built with vicious bends and super tight corners demanding of drivers then, are quite the challenge for cars travelling 3 times as fast.

Monaco formula one sharpest bend in the track with lots of cars going round the corner


With a plethora of track choices to choose from, i would accept an invitation to any race,  especially as tickets go for as much £3,000. You may have missed some of the earlier races, but don’t worry, you’re still in time to catch two of the most famous circuits Monaco (May 26th) and Silverstone (July 14th).

The Silverstone circuit is noted for being the very first Formula One World Championship race, won by Giuseppe Farina on an Alfa Romeo. It has held the British Grand Prix more than 50 times and is the third longest circuit at the moment. Monaco, as well as being the most challenging race is famous for its exceptional glamour and luxury. Known as “the playground to the rich and famous”, it is thought that over 30% of the population are millionaires, so it’s no wonder there is some serious VROOM going on both on and off the tracks. Champagne galleries, yacht parties and exceptionally well-dressed spectators is what you’ll find as you wave your flags, (and fans).


So, you’ve decided to go, the tickets are bought but you’re perplexed about what to pack in the suitcase? Just like other events, a formula one weekend has certain dress codes that people follow but the key to F1 is high fashion and style. The look is sexy and glamorous for the parties and comfortable, sporty- chic for the races.

Tamara Eccleston and Red Papillon Fan at Grand Prix EventNicki Shields at the Amber Lounge Party in Monaco in 2017

Tamara Eccleston daughter of Bernie Ecclestone, President of the Formula One at a Formula One event.

Nicki Shields at the Amber Lounge Fashion Event in Monaco. 

Here’s how to achieve the perfect va va voom F1 outfit.  

  1. Know your colours, If you are a Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel or Max Verstappen fan? Why not wear their colours as a show of support and to show who you’re placing your bets on.The event colours are red, black and white, so if you're going to use those ones, give them your personal twist, get creative, add a fan! A full checkered print outfit should be avoided but a little nod to it in your accessories, or like Dua Lipa, in your bra, well this might just be the perfect accent.                                                                       
  2. Dua Lip singing in checkered print bra at the Singapore Grand Prix Girlfriend of Fernando Alfonso wearing hot pants with Khu Khu formala one hand fan added to image
  3. Big bags are not allowed, so make sure you have enough space for the essentials.
  4. There is a lot of walking involved, wear wedges or flats over stilettos and remember a good pair of sneakers can look great with every outfit.Bella Hadid at Grand Prix wearing relaxed jeans, sneakers and vest top. Khu Khu Stay Cool fan in image
  5. Consider the weather, you know it can change in minutes, especially if you’re going to races like Silverstone, so bring sunglasses, a hat, a hand fan (of course), but also a jacket in case it gets a bit cooler (leather always works at Formula One).Formula One Girlfriend wears leather jacket and Khu Khu tiger tiger fan added to image
  6. Remember this is a three-day event, the first one being more casual, the qualifying day a bit more formal, and of course, save the best outfit for the last day.

Those are little tips you can use while packing to your destination, but once you’re there remember you don't have to an expert in the sport to have fun and enjoy yourself at the GP. And remember to tag us in your pictures!!

Picture of Nick Lauda and James Hunt in their heyday

R.I.P Nick Lauda  1949-2019



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