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British Airways HIGH LIFE magazine article from 05/23 mentioning KHU KHU LOVE LYNX hand-fan as a Summer essential


Linda Loves Magazine, Holland, September Edition featuring Khu Khu Stay Cool Fan

Linda Loves, September Edition - Wish List of best products under €50 including Khu Khu Stay Cool Hand-Fan




The British summer can be a funny old thing, raining one minute and blistering heat the next. We’re praying that Glastonbury 2021 will be a scorcher, mainly so we can make the most of the gorgeous fans from KhuKhu. Designed to be the perfect mixture of traditional art pieces with a modern design twist the fans are both extremely useful, and very very stylish. Each fan is handmade, making them unique and exclusive. 

Instagram influencer @Greivy with the Khu Khu Love Lynx Hand-Fan


Khu Khu Signature Sunset Hand-Fan with model, photo taken in Russia, 2019


Khu Khu Are you too shy  " I say love you " ? No problem - that's what the fan is for! The antique accessory, which can be traced back to 4,000 years ago, speaks its own language: a slow fan means "I'm married", a faster fan means "I'm engaged". The fan on the lips asks for a kiss; when it slides over the cheeks, it means "I love you". All the better that the classic hand fan is making its comeback! The accessory is both: trendy and practical in one. So you can still communicate without speaking and at the same time allow yourself to cool down. You look fabulous and untouchable. The Khu Khu labelhas outdone himself with his subjects. Get to know the enchanting collection of handcrafted fans from the Khu Khu label , which combines the best of modern and traditional art practices while creating beautiful, unique fans.



Grazia NL Fashion News with image of the Khu Khu Texan Star hand-fan


Enable the Label x Khu Khu and how beautiful they are.

It is now abundantly clear that summer 2020 is full of unexpected accessories. You'll be totally in style with raffia in your ears , a bracelet bag in your hand and a gorgeous face mask ready for use when needed.

Added to this is the classic fan: super light, barely takes up space in your bag and is perfect for elegantly blowing yourself some coolness during persistent high-pressure areas and heat waves.

A beautiful collection of quality fans is available from Khu Khu, a label founded by the English Victoria Speyer. Living in southern Spain, she was inspired and recognized how beautiful and useful fans can be, but how few were available for modern and stylish women.

After experimenting a lot with different designs, the first Khu Khu fans were a fact. 

All fans are handmade in Spain. The designs vary from modern to traditional works of art.

With their small quantities, Khu Khu ensures that with such a fan you own a unique and exclusive product and add a unique accessory to your summer outfit. 

The fans can be ordered on Enable the Label .

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In our technology-dominated world, you may not have seen the renaissance of the hand held fan coming. Don’t blame yourself, most people I know are too busy proclaiming their excitement about those tiny little fans that plug into your phone. Sure, they’re efficient enough and you save yourself some mild arm ache, but do they look anything like as elegant as the new breed of hand fans currently having their moment in the sun? No, they do not.

Last year, I discovered the magnificence of the hand held fan in the midst of a chaotic, hot and sticky journey to work on a train (remember those?) Among the sweaty commuters was a woman, serene in the midst of the soaring temperatures and general discomfort clearly felt by all. 

There was not one bead of sweat on her brow and her hair was gently blowing in a breeze, so as to make her resemble J-Lo in any music video ever. I quickly realised that said breeze was being generated from the woman’s fan, a colourful, patterned object that looked so glamorous in the midst of what was now becoming much like a hellscape. It was all I could do not to snatch it out of her hand. Clearly, such journeys are not, for most of us, part of our current daily routine. But that doesn't mean that our home offices, living rooms or cars won't feel stuffy and overheated.

So, even if you're not seeing anyone or going anywhere, I would advocate buying yourself a hand held fan. Previously, it would have been a little tricky to find such a thing on the high street. But then last summer, & Other Stories launched a collaboration with Fern Fans, the brainchild of Daisy Hoppen, founder of her own PR company in London and Amanda Borberg, Danish textile designer.

With a mix of painterly patterns and block colours, the collection was almost an instant sell-out, with only a few left in stock. And since then, it seems the popularity of this ancient accessory has only grown. From fashion weeks to the Met Gala (remember the rainbow feathered fan carried by Lupita Nyong'o last year?) fans have become mainstream again, much to my delight.

There are a number of brands and independent designers making beautiful styles from as little as £3. Short of flinging yourself into the nearest body of water, this might just be the most affordable way to keep cool during this lockdown heatwave.


Khu Khu at Wold & Badger, Flamingo Fan, £35
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Khu Khu at Wolf & Badger, Flamingo Fan, £35




14 of the best travel gifts for people who’re always on the move


We all know someone who’s always on the move. Who impulse-books foreign holidays like you buy takeaway coffees, has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the best places to visit in the UK, and considers a month without a weekend away a month wasted. They’re a very special kind of person – but their refusal to be pinned down can make them notoriously tricky to buy for.

Travellers are nomadic by nature, which makes many standard Christmas gift ideas (books, beauty products, clothes) surplus to requirements. At the same time, a seasoned explorer isn’t likely to need the usual travel necessities, having tried and tested their favourites over many trips. And while they might bring exotic homecoming presents back from their travels, we can’t scour the globe for gifts to give them in return.

 But equally, you probably don’t have time to trawl the furthest reaches of the internet for the perfect gift – especially during the festive season. So we’ve searched high and low for stylish and practical gifts that even the savviest globetrotter is unlikely to have come across on their travels.

From luggage to skincare, gadgets to stationery, find our edit of the best gifts for travellers below.

Khu Khu Fan

You don’t have to be a frequent traveller to know a fan is essential when navigating public transport in hot weather (remember the Tube during the 2018 heatwave?). Khu Khu’s tasselled Indian-inspired fan features a pair of lounging leopards, for a very stylish swish and flick.

Shop Cool Cats Lazy Leopards fan at Khu Khu, £36


Liz Earle Wellbeing Magazine, Summer Edition, 2019

Liz Earle Wellbeing Article on Liz Earle X Khu Khu hand-fan collaboration. Image of Liz holding Spanish fan.

Liz Earle Wellbeing Article on Liz Earle X Khu Khu hand-fan collaboration. Image of Khu Khu owner Victoria painting rim of fan.


Liz Earle Wellbeing Article on Liz Earle X Khu Khu hand-fan collaboration. Image of Khu Khu owner VIctoria with fan and process shots with article

Liz Earle Wellbeing Article on Liz Earle X Khu Khu hand-fan collaboration. Image of the final Cool Camellias beautiful hand-fan, and where to buy it.

Phoenix Magazine, July Hotlist, 2019




Liz Earle, Instagram Promotion, July 2018 




HOT FLUSH, 08/18



Khu Khu was founded by Victoria Speyer who saw a gap in the fan-making market for striking hand-fans, that were both fashionable and artistic. Inspired by her years living in Southern Spain, she knew how beautiful and useful fans are, but how few were available for modern, stylish women.

Using the best of both modern and traditional art skills, Khu Khu pride themselves on small runs and exclusivity, so their customers know they own a unique and exclusive product. Each fan is hand-made, with love, in Spain.




We’ve been following Victoria Speyer, founder of Khu Khu on Instagram for a while and we just love her range of products.

These beautifully-made, traditional Spanish fans are wonderful quality. They're beautifully packaged and would be a fantastic present for anyone looking to buy a special gift for their mum, sister, grandmother, or daughter as a gift.

Khu Khu have a wonderful range of designs that would suit any occasion, or outfit, from cool slogans (so Hot Flush), to stunning statement designs.

I’m more than happy to sit on a packed train or bus and whip out my Khu Khu fan. It's certainly caught peoples eye with its' tongue in cheek, ‘I’m a Fan’, slogan.

This is my faithful, trendy accessory that I keep with me at all times. It's so much better than the gimmicky little plug in fans that need charging to operate them. Good old fashioned hand fans have lasted the test of time because they WORK!

Khu Khu, I’m a huge fan!!!


This gorgeous fan brings a contemporary touch to a classic idea. I’ve got a raft of fans that I’ve collected on my own hot flush journey and I was fairly sure that they were all much of a muchness in terms of cooling effects. Wrong! The Khu Khu fan is weighty. The spines are solid. The high grade cotton is rigid. These characteristics come together to produce a fan that wafted a much needed 'summer breeze' over me. Its' sassy design with 'Stay Cool' splashed across the curve, made it feel less stuffy and a fan to use with a confident, ‘yes, I’m hot, so what?’ attitude! It comes in a robust pouch that protects the fan, and in my case made it easier to find at the bottom of my bag of doom. ‘Fan-tastic’, I say!



Khu Khu are offering our Hot Flush customers (and any friends they refer) 20% off their entire order on non-sale items. One use per customer. Enter this discount code HUSHTHEFLUSH20 at checkout and the discount is automatically removed. No expiry.


Stella Magazine, The Sunday Telegraph, 06/18 

Stella Loves from Stella Magazine, The Telegraph Fashion Supplement, May 2018


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