Pride Sparkler Hand-fan
Pride Sparkler Hand-fan


Pride Sparkler Hand-fan

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Say it proud, say it with sparkle with a truly glittery Khu Khu hand-fan!

These fans have the PRIDE area hand-painted with super glitter in a technique that will keep your fans sparkly long after the parade.

They look amazing under the sunshine or catching the lights of the dance-floor. Special!

Product Details: 
  • Original British design.
  • 100% Hand-Made in Spain. 
  • White painted AEA wooden sticks.
  • *New* cotton blend fabric which provides stronger, more long-lasting colours.
  • Red painted fabric rim and silver-tone rivet.
  • Embossed silver logo.
  • Measures 23cm closed and 46cm open. 

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All fans come beautifully packaged with bespoke bag and care label. 

Pride Sparkler Hand-fan
Pride Sparkler Hand-fan