Top 10 Travel Accessories Using Gorgeous Prints Available Online Now

These days high quality printed travel accessories are available online and very much in demand. From recognised luxury brands to smaller labels and hand-made items,  the most popular travel accessories  from across the globe like wallets, bags, pillows etc. are just a click away. While of course at Khu Khu HQ we would argue that hand-fans are the most fabulous of the printed travel accessories available online, today we are sharing 10 other top travel accessories which share our passion for great prints and design. 

Travel Backpack: Designer backpacks are available online in a diverse range of styles and sizes. Whether you are looking for a logo-inspired backpack or prefer a soft, voluminous leather version, there  is something out there for everyone. Khu Khu’s pick? For day trips we love all the backpacks from Fjällräven Kanken but for prints their limited Art Series’ are great. This bag entitled Ocean Surface was designed by Swedish illustrator Linn Fritz and is a fully durable and sustainable backpack whose print was inspired by the issue of plastics in the oceans.

Fjällräven Kanken Art Backpack print travel accessory online

Part of the money from each sale goes to support the Arctic Fox Initiative, which aims to reduce the amount of plastic waste in the ocean. Material: G-1000 Heavyduty Eco S (65% recycled polyester, 35% organic cotton) Dimensions: 38 x 27 x 13 cm . Available from for €74.50

Neck Pillows: While travelling by air you can get better sleep with the help of neck pillows which are available online in several designs and prints. We personally love an inflatable neck pillow so that they can be stored easily in your luggage. Our favourite might have to be this graphic option from Gucci

Gucci inflatable house G geometric print neck pillowGucci geometric print inflatable neck pillow silk case

They have reimagined this essential travel accessory through a kaleidoscopic lens that brings together vivid hues with established house codes. Presented in contrasting shades, the geometric G print portrays a graphic design that references the house name. The pillow comes with a coordinating pouch in the same red, burgundy, blue and white Geometric G print silk satin. Luxury! Pillow measures H45cm x W28cm x D1cm is  Made in Italy and can be found on the Gucci website for €390. 

For a more affordable choice check out Nuva Art on Etsy. For around £40 you can buy yourself a hand-crafted and very cosy looking pillow in a range of prints such as this Polish inspired print.

Polish print travel neck pillow from Nuva Art on Etsy

Perhaps functionality can be forfeited for this kind of snugness!

Wallets: We’ve come a long way since your choice of  travel wallet came down to choosing black, or navy leather in a few selected sizes.  Now wallets come in a rainbow of colours, a multitude of shapes and  prints have entered the scene! While you might not want to take a really twinkly one away with you for fear that a thieving magpie might take a fancy to it.. If you’re feeling brave or travelling.. into town,  this is our favourite find from the wallets available online right now.

Dolce and Gabbana print wallet with graphic bold colour print

This multicolour calf leather wallet from Dolce & Gabbana with it's vintage compass/circus feel with a tropical twist is just awesome (and would look perfect with our COOL CATS range) Celebrating more is more, it will be easy to find in whichever of your bags and brighten up any climes. 

Waterproof Phone Cover: Having a printed, waterproof phone cover is a smart and beautiful choice. Our phones are so important to us these days, so it would be a shame to let a stray splash at the beach ruin your day. But which print to go for?? Multi-coloured prints tend to go with everything, bold prints are eye-catching and animal prints are popular too. We like this marbled print from Castify.

castify multi-colour marble effect waterproof phone case  

They have A LOT of choice, and the edges of their cases have a little more protection which is an added bonus. But as with other sites they are limited mainly to iphone and samsung phones. The Matisse prints from Redbubble are also cool, and they have a huge selection too, but what about you have your own idea for a phone print? That’s totally possible too. Head to printify or other custom phone case makers who will rustle up the phone print of your dreams. Originality defined. 

Umbrellas: If you’re travelling between Autumn and Spring, the chances are you might get hit with rain. Be prepared and turn something often bemoaned into an opportunity to show off. We like Cristopher Kane’s ´MORE JOY´ umbrella which  does exactly that for £55, MORE JOY Cristopher Kane umbrella available from Matchesor for a vintage feel absolute BARGAIN, what about this deep-curved transparent dalmatian print from Kaibi Spain? €8!! Dalmatian Spot print on transparent plastic umbrella from Kiabi (Perhaps not to be trusted with hurricane winds.)

Parasols: Parasols are lesser seen in the Northern Hemisphere but are used more widely still in parts of Asia and tropical climes. But sadly, climate change is real, so perhaps we’ll be seeing more of them around. What do you think? GHCD make the ULTRALIGHT, pretty Sun Umbrellas that are handily made for both rain and sun.GHCD ultralight multi-use parasol and umbrella in one with pink print and case

The waterproof fabric has high-density LRC Black Glue Sunscreen Coating on the fabric surface for full UV protection from the sun. They come with a handy case and fold down to a small hand-bag friendly size. Available from Fruugo for £30. Mini pocket size versions are also available. 

Designer Travel Suitcases: Printed travel suitcases not only look good but are also useful to avoid getting your case mixed up with the sea of black samsonite cases when you hit the airport. Feel calm at baggage claim as your unique and lovely printed number comes happily around the carousel just for you.  Kipling have a wide range of printed travel goods at the moment including a collaborative case with Anna Sui. We like this one, City Spinner ´CASUAL FLOWER´ medium size travel suitcase from Kipling with printThe City Spinner ´CASUAL FLOWER´perfect for short trips and overnight stays. It’s light With 4 wheels making it easy to manouever and comes with lots of compartments, a lock and is waterproof. 

Printed Cardholders: Having a waterproof printed card holder can be useful when travelling. It will safely protect all those important cash, credit and ID cards and is compact enough to fit in a pocket. Mukama do this one in a blue for just €30 (currently on sale)Blue ´Matter Bifold´ waterproof diagonal print card wallet from Pioneer available from Mukama  It has room for 4-12+ cards and folded bills and receipts. This vegan wallet (non-leather) is made from extremely strong 10XD™ or 3PN™ super fabric, depending of your choice of color. Together with Futureform™ technology, it breaks in rather than breaks down and mimics the hand-feel of leather. It's also waterproof, which suits for the active people out there cycling up the hill or running down the trail. 

Printed Sun Towels: Printed sun towels are the perfect way to express your personality and have fun while on holiday or at the beach. Due to an increased demand, more and more brands are releasing a fantastic range of options so there is something for every holiday and mood. In a blog about print It wouldn’t be right without the mention of Marimekko, and we do love their Unikko floral fuscia pink and red available from for €43

Marimekko Unikko printed floral fuscia and red/pink beach towel available from

We also would’t say no to a Missoni beach towel of course. Zig zagged colour heaven, you just can't go wrong. Missoni multi-coloured zig zag print large beach towel available from

Passport Covers: From snakeskin to polyester, there’s a host of interesting Passport Covers out there, so where to begin?  We personally love a statement here at Khu Khu, so Ban.Do’s ´Look Forward, not back’ is a fun message for a new adventure, (and a good one for life in general) and a bargain at just €15.99 from Trouva.

Look forward not back statement multicoloured words on cream passport holder online at Trouva for €15.99

What's your favourite travel accessory?  Let us know!

More from us soon. Thanks for reading, 

The Khu Khu team. 


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